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Wolfgang's Dixielanders

Wolfgang's Dixielanders ~ Spring 2011

Larry Davis, Trumpet; Steve Ketcham, Trombone;
Dennis Noon, Tenor Sax.; Nancy Noon, Keyboard
Lonna Berridge, Clarinet; Beth Guggenheim, Alto Sax.

Wolfgang's Dixielanders is a small New Orleans style jazz group and has been performing since 2010 in various settings around Southwestern Indiana.  This past year the Dixielanders provided entertainment for the Annual St. Matthews Auction, the Posey County Soil and Water Conservation Districts 60th Anniversary Dinner, the Mt. Vernon Employees Christmas Party, Posey County Fair Veteran's Night, Sherburn Parks 100-year celebration, and several extemporaneous appearances at the Pagoda (Band Stand) on the Mt. Vernon River Front. 

Wolfgang's Dixielanders ~ Spring 2012

Greg Reynolds, Bass; Barb Smith, Drums; Nancy Noon, Keyboard; Dennis Noon, Tenor Sax;
Larry Davis, Trumpet: Beth Guggenheim, Alto Sax.; Lonna Berridge, Clarinet; Constance Wheeler, Vocals
Not pictured - Steve Ketcham, Trombone

Wolfgang Orchestra and Chorus
7th and Canal, Entrances 13 & 16
Mount Vernon, IN 47620 * USA